Food – A Positive Approach

This is in response to the guest speaker, Beth, and the issues she brought up in our discussion:

Beth certainly knows her stuff. There was one comment that she made about urban gardening that really took me by surprise with its fresh perspective on the issues of food justice.. she described food as a positive approach to these food justice issues in that literally planting a seed was essentially investing in the future; like a way of saying you have hope for the growth and development of that seed that can only happen through time, something it often seems taken for granted nowadays. What a fresh, simple way to describe the long passed down tradition of gardening! This also made me reflect back on Chapter 9 of the Food Justice book and the one quote that directly addresses my concerns about the current food justice issues: “If food is a basic human need, on par with water, housing, and health services, why don’t local governments have a department of food?” (201). Indeed, why not? How does one justify restricting accsess to a biological human necessity for survival for a profit for a few?

Another issue that interested me that was brought up during the discussion was the man-made issue of convenience. Granted, industrialization has brought in a new concept of time and attitude that faster is better; however, with this attitude in place, people are trying to find convenient solutions to the issue of food justice, which are doomed for failure from the start. With globalization tightly woven into our society currently and throughout history, time is the only solution that will be effective in the long run. Which means that now is the best time to start, however, that is the million dollar question, where do we even start the process of unraveling this complex web we’ve tangled ourselves up in?

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  1. I agree that Beth knows her stuff. The way she framed food as a positive approach is a refreshing break from all the negative aspects of these issues. I think her positive attitude is inspiring, as is the passion she has for what she is doing. We’d all be really lucky to make careers out of things we care so much about. I think the whole concept of SLOW food is interesting in that it might not be convenient, as you point out. Maybe getting out of this tangle needs to start with letting go of our obsession with convenience and rushing around.

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